Reservation for parties



At Smalhans you’ll will be met with a slightly different dining experience than you are used to. You will not find the typical 3, 7 or 10 course menu or wine menu, we’re fond of a more social form of serving. That means that the food will be served on sharing plates to be passed around the table, and also that the dishes will arrive at the table continuously from the kitchen, in the appropriate pace.
When booking a table for a party of eight or more, we wish to have the reservation at least two days in advance, where the party will agree on the same menu. You can also preorder the beverages so that these are ready for you.
We offer two menus for bigger parties:

  • Krøsus, 675 kroners (a full menu for a complete night out)

  • Smalhans, 475 kroners (a shorter version of Krøsus, equivalent of a 3 course menu)

We will at all times use the best and freshest produce available and in season. If there are any allergies or special needs we need to know about, please inform us.
We kindly ask to know the right number of guests before 10:00 am the day of the reservation.

Do you wish to reserve a table for more than 8 people? Please send your inquiry to



Leiligheten is a private room furnished with second hand furniture that gives a cozy atmosphere. Entering this room feels a bit like visiting someone’s home. All of the items are for sale and the different items are replaced when they are sold. Be kind to the interior, as it has had a long life and gets easily worn down or broken.
The ideal number of guests in Leiligheten is 12. If you are more than 12, we will set up several tables. The maximum amount of people allowed in Leiligheten is 20. The room can be used for meeting during the day, for family dinners, parties or other events.
The room is equiped with a television which can easily be connected to a computer, a record player with many LPs and wi-fi. If you wish to use the record player, we encourage you to put the records back in their sleeves and take good care of them so that as many as possible can listen to them after you. You can find the most common channels on the TV, as well as some other sports events.
We offer both lunch and the dish of the day (‘dagens husmann’) in Leiligheten during the day.
During the evening, the entire company has to order the ‘Krøsus’ menu.There is only one seating pr night in Leiligheten.
We reserve us the right to move the party to another table if the number of guests drops below 9 people.